Helping you find "balance" in chaos

In todays world we often find ourselves moving in many directions at once.  When life presses pause and you are allowed time to reflect on your emotional wellbeing, you may actually begin to see areas of your life where you may sense a void or fill unfulfilled.  

When our minds are occupied with “crushing goals” and securing our financial “bag”, you aren’t aware of these feelings.  Many base their worth on results and progress that can be visibly measured by others and loose sight of what “they truly want” and who they are.

                            “You are not your results”

I work with high school students, entrepreneurs, top executives and everyone in between.  

I can relate, in addition to being a Life coach, Nurse Practitioner and a Real Estate Investor, I’ve noticed at times I try to wear all of these hats at once.  I feel like Im driving blindly at 100 mph.  I get hyper focused on growing my brand and expanding my business’, between speaking engagements, events, and interviews, I find myself in a constant state of “Go”. I’m progress and results driven so I am constantly reevaluating my business, crossing off goals only to replace them with more.  I can relate to the thrill of chasing professional growth. I appreciate the mindset and respect the game.  I have also learned that professional growth without personal development may leave you unfulfilled. 

Many of my clients work with me to help discover their purpose through searching what they are truly passionate about.  Oftentimes we forget our passion chasing someone else’s purpose.

We tend to value the opinions of others and mute our inner desires 

*Your Purpose is your passion* 

I have clients that want to break free from their 9 to 5 to follow their dreams and learn how to live their lives on purpose.  

At some point in our careers we all have to take a step back and decide that doing what makes you happy is the ultimate WIN…I can help you achieve that.

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