What People Are Saying...

"I have worked with Tanisha for close to 10 weeks. Over the ten weeks I’ve worked with her, I’ve noticed an increase in confidence. Tanisha is one of a kind. She not only puts my needs first but takes time to understand my situation, put herself in my shoes, and continually helps me build my confidence, my skills, & my brand. The services I’ve had with Tanisha have been great. We worked with goal setting, career making, interview prep, and mental health. I am a stronger and more confident nurse because of her and I am so glad I met her. Another bonus, is Tanisha continues to keep in contact with me. It’s like we never stopped talking. She’s now my mentor turned friend. She’s someone I can count on when I need someone to talk to and I would 100% recommend her!"
Diana L
RN ~ Riverside CA
"She’s always been one phone call away for all things nursing related or just for life questions in general. Very resourceful and knowledgeable. Constantly seeking ways to improve and grow which is an inspiration to many.

She is a Goal setter, dream getter, and her positive attitude, down to earth demeanor, and overall charm makes her very personable. Tanisha tells it like it straight from the heart.

I would highly recommend utilizing her services!"
Arielle B
FNP-BC ~ Maryland
"Lauryen has enriched my life in more ways than one. She has been an amazing mentor and offered stellar advice that has helped me move forward and step my game up and continue to aspire for greater things not only in my career but my personal life as well. 10/10 would recommend as a life coach and mentor if you want a fire lit under your butt and are ready to better yourself.

She's the one for the job!"
Javier B
Los Angeles, CA
"I am truly amazed at the progress I have made working with Lauryen. She is kind and down to earth yet very professional. She has a truly genuine and kind spirit and she goes above and beyond to touch the lives of others. Her approach with life coaching is unique and I always felt valued and heard. She truly listens and has a way of understanding exactly what your needs are, even when you are unsure yourself. She loves to see people win and this makes her a star. She stands out because you can see that she truly is invested in your success. This is her calling. She was born to coach. She also works in mental health so that is a gift within itself. Lauryen is truly insightful and I would recommend her services to anyone."
Kendra DiMarco
Calabasas CA